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Uneducated person cloth

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Dispatch Shandong saved farmer of tall green county to rely on rich and generous pily resource advantage on September 2, comply with actively " advocate green, regression is natural " market demand, change " cotton " for " the garment " , make the pure cotton that has full-bodied and agrestic breath and traditional nation distinguishing feature manual coruscate of uneducated person cloth gave new business chance.

Rise increasingly in farmer standard of living today, "Old times " why does uneducated person cloth accept favour fully? Be in company of spin of Gao Qingying home, saw the Zhang Liang that manages uneducated person cloth the earliest learn. 2001, be engaged in the Zhang Liang with monopolistic bedding acquiring Shanghai replenish onr's stock, because of train behind schedule, in gad of a bazaar, undesigned discovery sells uneducated person cloth actually on bar, and sell very fire. Gao Qing regards traditional establish cotton as large county, pily quality of a material is good, fat much fine hair is long, "Shed the cloud " card bombazine whole nation is famous, can calls cotton medium high-quality goods, and local masses is retaining the habit that weaves cloth of uneducated person of for private use oneself all the time, manual technology is more unchallenged. Zhang Liang learned to see business chance, walk along a village to string together then door, issue contract of subscription, autograph, spin, pull machine, brush machine, hit line, loom... old machine reed sound is in again Gao Qing country dorp as one falls.

Do greatly to can make the industry of uneducated person cloth of this one full-bodied and agrestic breath strong, make distinguishing feature, the door helps this county The Ministry of Commerce and Industry actively manage door walk along a brand to change development way, registered successfully " flower home " , " wind river " , " old filature " , " golden old lady " wait for brand, raised the additional cost of the product. Measure to ensure the product is simple, they improve producer type ceaselessly, machine instead semi-automatic, make pull classics, wear put together, weaving to wait greatly small 72 working procedure are more compact, do manual work is more painstaking. At the same time they are returned with 22 kinds of primary color tone is a foundation, the design gives a variety of 1000 gorgeous pattern, and according to client demand, make uneducated person cloth into the sheet, be waited for by cover, bedgown. "Softness of health of environmental protection of uneducated person cloth, quality of a material, winter is warm Xia Liang, fight electrostatic, have the market very much. " Yang Yantao of Hangzhou travelling merchant says. Sell and other places of past Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Fujian ceaselessly as the in a steady stream of uneducated person cloth of all sorts of brands, the home town that uneducated person cloth also became tall young person to present close friends " special local product " .
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