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China knitted li of cotton cloth city on April 21 - blending hands in weaving pr

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Grade of product name norms / pack 16 days to collect 20 days
Flax sticks blending cloth 55/45 63 ' ' 44*38 10*10 7.95 7.95
Flax sticks blending cloth 55/45 63 ' ' 51*47 11*11 8.85 8.85
Linen-cotton hands in weaving 63 ' ' 21*19 51*58 8.90 8.90

Summarize: Latter, knit price of li of field of cotton cloth city to walk along situation dimension to keep balance firm, breed trades go up to also appear messy, shipment of thin silk of cleanse cotton thread is frequent. And bedding cloth sells complete cotton slow. From at present analysis of prices of cotton cloth city looks, whole market is given priority to with Chun Xia fabrics. Predict breed of cotton cloth city trades next week the quantity still will magnify somewhat, the price goes situation general with giving priority to prices smoothly.