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A week of market of gauze of abb of Chinese Pu courtyard (4.15- - 21) prices bri

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A week comes, because northeastern region appears large-scale rainfall, drop in temperature, on Pu courtyard market wool unlined upper garment trades the quantity has again pick up, and wool yarn kind quote manages smooth position, the market clinchs a deal the quantity is maintained last week level. Go from market breed situation look, person bombazine price still has drop situation. The market demand of complete eyeball gauze has fall, the price goes situation reluctance to maintain stable prices; Latter shipment promotes market of gauze of flashy copy rabbit hair, ovine young gauze slightly, the value changes in this week not quite. Because unlined upper garment of summer wear T-shirt has been entered,join makings campaign, in mohair of an alpaca inside this week gauze 32Nm/2 is very popular. "Glacial hemp " with Qu Zhu gauze sales volume rises small continuously, and the price all keeps stable move. Of market main trend complete bay wool does not have knot gauze, bay eyeball gauze value of number of of all kinds norms is basic and changeless, and body of bay wool Peng mixes spinning demand to have on the market litre, basically use at the lady to install coat wool unlined upper garment, make up adornment to have Peng to beg soft, colour and lustre to shine beautiful wait for an advantage. Wool essence spinning is in the country the market inside this week clinchs a deal the quantity has appearance of fall after a rise, and market of spinning of essence of 24 countries wool goes free very, quote still smooth. The cashmere wool of spun silk cotton that the market appears on the market recently gauze although product price on the high side, and the volume that show hold something under the arm goes strong, basically use at producing series of T-shirt of Chun Xia of high-grade men and women, among them, one norms does not have gauze of form semifinished product for 48Nm/2 (55/45/5) ) the market is relatively tight spruce. The price of silk of influence polyamide fibber that gets upriver raw material has a bit reduce, for example, 210D/36F polyamide fibber - at present the price is in 6FDY 27600 yuan / T, relatively 27800 yuan of last week / T reduces 200 yuan / T, the market clinchs a deal the quantity is OK.

Clinch a deal from whole market the quantity looks, downstream demand not flourishing, predict whole clinchs a deal next week the quantity won't have ascendant tendency, the price goes situation will still with " smooth " go situation give priority to.