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China knits a week of li of cotton cloth city (came 27 days on Feburary 21) pric

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A week comes, knit prices of li of whole of field of cotton cloth city smooth, clinch a deal quantity and before Zhou Xiangbi rises somewhat, at present market day all clinchs a deal the quantity amounts to 1.8 million meters or so. Trade breed cleanse cotton cloth is opposite slightly any better, return coloured to weave grid cloth oneself appear on the market in succession, but sales volume still is not had spread out.

Go from market breed situation look, breed of convention of cleanse cotton cloth trades show " the volume rises valence to make the same score " prices goes situation, for example, price of 72 63 " of × of 45S 133 of JT/C65/35 45S × is in 5.4 yuan / rice left and right sides; Dan Di cotton cloth a few special norms for example, handwriting of corn bead, person is inclined wait for fabrics deeply welcome. Breed of complete cotton delaine is moved quite annul. For example, during sales volume of cloth of complete cotton microgroove magnifies, among them 40*40 133*72 wide cut 47 inches, had better sell relatively, basically use as for high-grade childen's garments, recreational female outfit fabrics. Complete cotton jean magnifies latter sales volume and early days photograph are smaller than appearing, especially knitting jean is having than early days in the sales volume of this week rise apparently, purchaser basically uses what sportswear installs at spring to make, and the price is carrying smooth state. Market of cloth of cotton ammonia bounce shows nip quantity to move of late annul, among them, canvas of double abb of odd classics of a bounce is relatively spruce annul, the pants that basically is used at the lady installs fabrics, grey price is in 8.5 yuan / rice left and right sides. Sales volume of white grey of corduroy and panne fabrics market drops continuously, reluctance of the quote on the market is smooth, still cloth of a few sheets and market of bedding bag cloth trade the quantity produces now to fall. From at present analysis of prices of cotton cloth city looks, whole fabrics market is given priority to with spring clothing fabrics, and cooperate demand of childen's garments manufacturer. Breed of city of predicting cotton cloth trades the quantity will have measurable enlarge, the price goes situation general with giving priority to prices smoothly.

Introduce to the reporter according to concerning a businessman: This week is antistatic fabrics sales volume relatively promote somewhat last week, the price goes situation still smooth. Trade from breed in light of, card of JT/C16X16 93X52 gauze is sold at present passable; Also have one the paragraph is antistatic 32X32 130X70 is fine coverall of safety of the inclined appropriate spring clothing that make, suffer labor insurance things to make clothier favour quite, sales volume rises stage by stage. Additional as we have learned, limited company of fabrics of special type of La Xiang of city of the lake on this market rolls out a few new products, downstream travelling merchant is interested quite. High-quality goods is recreational fabrics market trades the quantity has small to rise, the price goes influence is strong. Momentum of sale of thick canvas of recreational fabrics C10 10X7 74X32 is powerful, basically be the reason that demand of fabrics of dress business spring clothing enlarges. Predict high-quality goods is recreational next week fabrics prices will with be being given priority to smoothly.
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