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On Feburary 27 prices of filament of dacron of market of Cheng Ze chemical fibbe

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On Feburary 27, whole of silk of cleanse of market of Cheng Ze chemical fibber clinchs a deal the situation is smooth, downstream weaving purchases enthusiasm not tall. Wash today filar FDY63D/24F, present market center value is DTY100D/36F and POY150D/48F respectively 13100 yuan / ton, 14000 yuan / ton mix 11600 yuan / ton.

From the sale prices looks, the DTY150D/144F with half smooth today disappear relatively sell like hot cakes, and drive POY150D/144F to trade to the limit of one's capacity, cheng Ze is spun all the time appear queue up to want money, factory price is in 12200 yuan / T. Additional, occurrence sales volume of total need smooth DTY rises, among them, DTY75D/72F has particular demand downstream.

At present miller of most dacron filature sheds circumstance of produce and sale of chemical fibber company to still be maintained basically, although did not carry,go up plan, will see prices temporarily with dish whole situation is given priority to, also do not eliminate to drive small next possibility that rise in raw material.