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Quotations of price of gauze of bombazine of Cheng Ze market, chemical fibber is

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Name norms price produces source of price of ground name norms


Shandong of gauze 10s(0E) 1.39 washs
16s 1.57 Jiangsu
Shandong of 21s 1.63 of 16s 1.64 Jiangsu
Anhui of 32s 1.72 of 21s 1.80 Anhui
Heibei of 45s 1.83 of 21s/2 2.01 Shandong
Jiangsu of 60s 2.10 of 32s 1.91 Jiangsu
40s 2.03 Shanghai washs

J21s 2.23 Shandong
Shanghai of 21s 1.56 of J32s 2.28 Anhui
32s 1.67 of J40s 2.34 Shandong does not have stannum
45s 1.76 Shanghai


Gauze Jiangsu of 60s 1.88 of 21s 1.44 Shandong
32s 1.47 Zhejiang
45s 1.56 Jiangsu
Bombazine of cleanse of 50s 1.64 Shaanxi
Jiang Yin of 90/10 45s 1.69
50s 1.74 Harbin
60s 1.84 Heilongjiang
Person of Jiangsu of 65/35 21s 1.90
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Gauze 10s 2.31 Nantong
Nanjing of 13s 2.32 of 32s 1.99 Jiangsu
Zhejiang of 20s 2.34 of 32s/2 2.06 Anhui
Suzhou of 30s 2.40 of 40s 2.08 Jiangsu
Jiangsu of 40s 2.50 of 40s/2 2.26 Shanghai
Nanjing of 40s/2 2.75 of 50s/2 2.44 Fujian
50s 2.83 Anhui
Polyester fibber short fine 11300 yuan / T sticks glue short fine 19050 yuan / T left and right sides
Comment on: Today, prices of complete bombazine whole continues smooth dish whole, sale of complete bombazine 32S is better. Cleanse sticks value of product of series of bombazine of gauze, cleanse to keep smooth. Prices of pure cleanse gauze is relatively low-key. The sales volume of 45S of pure cleanse gauze is at present good at other standards product. Polyester fibber short fine today market center value 11300 yuan / ton, relatively reduce 50 yuan last weekend / T. Person bombazine kind product value has again low, for example, norms has 100 yuan today for 20S person bombazine / ton drop, its drop reason, basically come from what the near future sticks price of glue short fine to reduce, stick glue short fine to there are 100 yuan again today / ton go low, value of newest market center is 19050 yuan / or so tons. Bombazine of person of the city after predicting kind will continue to have reduced tendency.