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Qian Qing spun prices of market cleanse silk gently on April 21

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Breed norms grade produces price standard
One carry on of DTY 75D/36F allows sincere state 14900
One Hangzhou of 75D/36F circle in the air fill 15000
One Hangzhou flourish fills 75D/72F small network 15500
Carry on of 75D/72F network actor promotes far east 15500
100D/36F go up Yu Dapu 13800
One Jiangsu appearance asks for 100D/36F 13900
One carry on of 100D/36F Xing Cifu 14000
Shanxiang fills one desolate of 100D/36F 13900
100D/36F network one Hangzhou day yuan 15400
One tung of 150D/48F countryside phoenix cries 12900
One Hangzhou of 150D/48F Xin big 13000
One Hangzhou of 150D/48F grand far 13100
One Zhejiang of 150D/48F Jin Yang 13200
One Hangzhou flourish fills 150D/48F 13200
Red hill of Zhejiang of 150D/48F network actor 13900
150D/48F network grand of Xin of one tung countryside 13900
Carry on of 200D/96F network actor promotes Hua Mao 13400
250D/96F network one Hangzhou Xin big 13100
One carry on of 300D/96F promotes far east 12600
300D/96F network Xing Cifu of one carry on 12900
75D one homebred 14900
100D one homebred 14000
150D one homebred 13000
One Zhejiang of POY 50D/48F high official position 12200
One carry on of 75D/96F promotes 9 flowers 12000
One Fujian of 75D/96F 100 grand 12000
One Zhejiang of 75D/96F Heng Yi 12100
One Luoyang of 100D/96F petrifaction 11600
One Zhejiang of 100D/96F Heng Yi 11800
One tung of 100D/96F countryside tung offsprings 11800
100D/96F one Wu Jiangcheng rainbow 11900
One Xiamen of 100D/96F circle in the air aigret 11700
One carry on of 150D/96F Xing Cifu 11600
75D one homebred 12000
100D one homebred 11800
150D one homebred 11700
Flourish of Hangzhou of FDY 50D/24F actor is filled 14200
68D/24F actor carry on promotes south 13100
Appearance of 75D/36F actor Jiangsu is asked for 13000
Petrifaction of 100D/72F actor Luoyang 12500
Appearance of 100D/72F actor Jiangsu is asked for 12600
100D/72F actor carry on promotes freely 12600
Feng Ming of countryside of 150D/96F actor tung 12200
Xing Cifu of 150D/96F actor carry on 12100
150D/96F actor carry on promotes far east 12200
150D/96F actor carry on promotes freely 12200
Ease of constant of 150D/96F actor Zhejiang 12100
200D/96F actor carry on promotes south 12100
Flourish of 300D/96F actor Hangzhou is filled 12200
68D actor is homebred 13200
100D actor is homebred 12500
150D actor is homebred 12100
200D actor is homebred 12100
Comment on: Do not add as what purchase an amount actually downstream decrease instead, rate of produce and sale shows cleanse silk manufacturer generally to drop continuously posture, reluctance of rate of most manufacturer produce and sale is maintained during in 7 into the left and right sides, rate of produce and sale of a few manufacturer falls for a time to 50% the following. So longer the produce and sale of time is depressed, cause manufacturer stock rise steeply directly, many manufacturer depreciate eagerly, cleanse silk prices hard improvement.
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