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Long promote spin a city gently (4.15 - 4.21) prices brief judge- - cleanse silk

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A week comes, cleanse silk clinchs a deal the amount is not large, the price goes situation is fatigued and weak drop, extent is in 100-200 yuan / T. Go from breed situation look, although silk of big bright of polyester fibber FDY75D still has demand in this market, but price on the low side, at present filar price oneself glide be in 13000 yuan / T, the 5 beautiful damask that are used at having shuttle weaving, lubricious Dingyin spends grey, glazed silk class but slightly a few lower. Network of DTY75D/72F, 100D/144F() market demand is passable, at present the price is in 15300 yuan respectively / T, 15200 yuan / T, relatively drop last week 100-200 yuan / T, and DTY36D/36F weighs network silk, suffer grind market of coarse cotton cloth to trade the volume drops and sales volume decreases. Because wash tower husband, play Chun Ya to spin partly wait for sale of the makings in tabby to owe beautiful, and affected FDY63D kind market, at present the market clinchs a deal shrink quantity, filar price falls in 13000 yuan / T, lowermost price 12800 yuan / T oneself appear.

Suffer price of upriver raw material to reduce impact at present, downstream grey stock is bigger, weaving enterprise is wait-and-see gas confused dense, silk of cleanse of the city after looking will have shade to drop prices trend. The 32s slow down in demand of pure cleanse gauze, the price also has reduce; And the 45s sales volume of pure cleanse gauze carries better state.

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