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On April 21 prices of filament of dacron of market of Cheng Ze chemical fibber b

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On April 21, today, cheng Ze, fine although market quoted price is stable,start market of silk of two ground cleanse, but clinch a deal actually valence is uneven, downstream weaving enterprise has wait-and-see mentality more, the movement that raw material purchases is global not quite, whole of two ground market trades the amount is not large. Place is great all the time factory relatively factory price DTY made higher-priced reduce, produce and sale of FDY of factory of a few chemical fibber leads this locality to be controlled in 70-90% .

Trends shows, change of value of market DTY product is not big today, but the price with higher quoted price has appearance of small fall after a rise, extent is in 100 yuan / ton, the product with the better sale on the market basically is silk of network of DTY75D/36F, 100D/36F and DTY300D above norms; Value of FDY series product keeps stable today, when clinching a deal actually, still have let value, product sale status is general, the product with the better sale in FDY series product basically is silk of bright of FDY50D/72F, 100D/72F and 135D/36F and partial FDY; POY product value changes today not quite, add play with POY sale is small on the weekend Youshangsheng, but stability comes down today, spell a net to have regular sale with POY100D additionally. Wash at present of silk trade to still be in low confuse posture, overall trade the quantity is not worth normal level. Short-term and downstream demand hard apparent to the limit of one's capacity, because environmental protection and cloth go situation is poorer wait for an element of loom of downstream gush water switch on the mobile phone lead a now to fall, and stock of circumjacent firm of silk of a few cleanse continues to increase, because this predicts,prices of cleanse silk whole will still continue to present the prices trend that weak force adjusts in the near future.

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