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Shanxi checks failed towel Qicheng long sail Weaving Industry in Shanghai the

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The third quarter, Taiyuan, Shanxi Province Bureau of Quality Supervision on the market by the distribution of the 18 provinces batch production of towels and two production companies Taiyuan two batches of towels were supervision and checking of qualified six batches , products quality sample pass rate of 30%. The main problem is the quality of fiber content, PH value, water absorption, color fastness failed. Fiber content of the product is raw material composition, the intrinsic quality of textile products is an important indicator of the value of fiber content does not match with the express, not only can not properly guide the consumer, but also suspected of cheating consumers. PH value is exceeded, the skin will affect the balance of resident bacteria and stimulate the skin, may lead to the invasion of bacteria. Absorbent towel to reflect an important indicator of quality, some enterprises in order to make the product a good appearance, often add a lot of softener, so that feels soft and fluffy towels, and softener attached to the fiber surface to prevent water penetration and reduce between the water storage capacity of fiber, which reduces the absorbent towel, affect its performance. Unsatisfactory fastness, dye transfer from textile to the skin, in bacteria the biological catalyst, may be a predisposing factor in human disease, not only affect the applicability of towels, and damage to human health. In this spot checks by the Wynn Jiancaoping District of Taiyuan City Distribution Division towels marked distribution of long sail Weaving Industry Co., Ltd. Shanghai production of Wynn brand 34cm × 76cm towel, Taiyuan Jiancaoping District Huiming Towel by the distribution of marked Gaoyang security firms Limited production of Lai Lai Towel 34cm × 76cm towel brand, its fiber content, PH value, water absorption not meet the relevant standards. Cannon Yingze area by the mall (2 District 9) indicate the distribution of six-profit Trading Company Taiyuan beans can be multifunctional Yang brand towel 30cm × 60cm, and its resistance to washing fastness does not meet the standards.