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Local media touted Asian players like South Korea Lee Yong-guy competition for

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Since the Asian Games in Guangzhou, the South Korean delegation in a number of projects athletes have good performance, and Park Tae-hwan, and Lee and other popular players more access to many Chinese audiences sought after. According to Korean media "khan" reported that the stadium feel like being in the Guangzhou Asian Games as South Korea, because China's loud fans to help out on the Korean team. This really is the home, is not South Korea do? Tianhe Stadium, where the 18 men's doubles quarter-finals at the tournament, South Korea's Lee Yong-dae - Cheng Cheng against the world champion Chinese team of Cai Yun - Fu Haifeng, the performance of the presence of excited fans. National sport, like badminton and table tennis team of China are the advantages of the project, but instead more fans to South Korea Lee Yong-dae - Cheng Cheng cheer. Li Long freshman wave, caused a disturbance to the audience, in general Li Long after the game threw a towel stands, the audience suddenly thrown into a competition for being. The same is true in the swimming field, many Chinese fans and reporters were all very concerned about Park Tae-hwan. Even the pitch to get volunteers for Park's signature and restless. Park Tae-hwan has a high popularity in Southeast Asia, he also invited onto the audience and took pictures with fans in Malaysia. Baseball in China is not so concern, but the young people interested in international sport is very concerned about this game. Volunteers like baseball players are well aware of Choo, in order to get his signature Please also specifically ask for a reporter helped. Blood is also a popular basketball player Li Shengjun center, responsible for China's basketball tournament coverage Lisheng Jun preference for a female reporter added, "Li Shengjun handsome appearance, speed, strength, very good, very flexible, that time must be to interview him." Korean media last concluded, the China News reported that Park Tae-hwan is the most mentioned, followed by Lee Yong-dae, while Chinese journalists said, "In front of thousands of Chinese spectators beat the Chinese players, and even win, it is profoundly statues, can not forget. "