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A towel for the three months to the China Home Textile Association Consumer Gui

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As government and business intermediary bridge, industry associations is essential, textile industry the same way. Home Textiles Today China Forum 2010 held in Hangzhou China Home Textiles Association, said Yang Zhaohua, China Textile Association Will be good service, and is ready to proceed to do "consumer guide" to do work-oriented, so that textile brand-building channels more smoothly. Yang Zhaohua president said, industry associations as a link between business and government, the key is to do two aspects: Oriented aspects. This morning, the Association was formed channel Textile Industry Association Professional Committee, the main consideration of innovative sources, a good product to have access to the consumer. Maintenance of industrial chain, so that the brand has a large space for development. Services, Yang Zhaohua that the service did not do a good job, good orientation is not landing, it becomes empty, in this process, the association hoped that with the enterprises, especially with leading enterprises to do with. Yang Zhaohua particular reference to do " Consumer Handbook ", the Beijing market research towels for 3 months, but many consumers do not fully understand the concept of consumption, how much time want to change towels, is not no new house is not for curtains, how to correctly Select a product, especially for new products to be incorporated ... ... consumers are not really clear if the method shall not be treated, not good for the body of consumers. Association has to contact various experts, consumer print for next year March Manual Brand enterprises hope to hand these things to consumers free of charge, to consumers nurtured, instilling a real, healthy consumption concept. Yang Zhaohua said that if the associations do this kind of market cultivation, promotion of market-led, so that enterprises will become better and better, brand-building channels will be more smooth.