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Gao Yang Bao Tuan textile enterprises participating cities to build China towel

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Towel industry is the traditional characteristics of industries Gaoyang County, Hebei Province, in 2009 high-Yang by China Textile Industry Association awarded the "China towels blankets city" title. Home Textiles Show this year, Gaoyang organized five leading enterprises participate in the exhibition, an exhibition area of 168 square meters. 5 companies have chosen the latest attend. "Participate in the exhibition is not only to show themselves, more importantly, To peer learning, watching others advantages, less than themselves, so as to continuously improve themselves. "Sishu mantle inhabited Deputy General Manager of International household goods, told reporters that although only five companies in this group exhibition, but like Hebei Chi Yang, Sam Lee textiles, Hebei, Yu Kang, Yong Liang textiles, Sishu mantle and so to show the achievements in the development of Goyang towel. MC Gao Yang Textile Trade City official said, Gaoyang a towel more than 3,000 enterprises, including own brand of more than 600 companies. Home Textiles Show in Goyang this first group to participate, on the one hand there is the enterprise itself This show needs; the other hand, is not attended this show wants enterprises to know more about and learn the leading industry experience in business development. Allow them to increase brand awareness and know how to build their own brands, such as How to improve value to their products. The official revealed that several companies this year, this exhibition display effect is still good, the scene of several popular business especially busy booth. This is a powerful illustration of Goyang toward high-end hair Towel customer recognition. In Goyang, and this exhibition has the same strength of the enterprise there are many, so next year we will bring more business to the exhibition lay in the region Goyang towel brand. According to report, large Gao Yang towel industry, the market improved, has a long history of high low-end products that range, 80% of companies use rapier, a few large enterprises are using the most advanced students towel Production equipment, production and processing in the towel, it is in strict accordance with national standards. Sanli like towels, towel Yong Liang, Bo Lixin, spring and other Swiss companies are industry leader in product quality is the majority of consumer Consumer trust agreement. Currently, the "DTY" as towel manufacturers of raw materials has disappeared, more and more enterprises Goyang towel, tasted the sweetness of brand and deeply understand the importance of winning by quality Sex. "Business needs to go down the market. Because Goyang a long history of producing towels, lack of consumer spending before, we can only adapt to consumer demand, the production of some relatively low-end of the towel to meet the base The needs of life. "The official said that now, as people raise the level of consumption, changes in consumption concept, the product requirements are also rising, Goyang towel products is also rising, towel business Brand image more and more attention. As the market changes, companies constantly adjust to upgrade, "Gao Yang towel," the region will be more brand name more loudly. Finally, the responsible person also introduced a high-Yang Textile Trade City. He said that the textile trade city, is located in Goyang city of the southeast corner of Gaoyang County, in the May 9, 2001 started operations with a total area of 525 mu, building area of 23 square meters, Divided into 13 districts (11 stores area, two shelf) and a fine hall, can accommodate more than 1,200 permanent and mobile business merchants 1468. Exhibition which brought together a high quality throughout the country 126 Yang and textile boutique business , Is the textile boutique Goyang the main exhibition hall. Gao Yang Textile Trade City now has become the largest wholesale market towel, a north China's largest textile trading center, information center.