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Chemical fibber of new rural area becomes champion of Henan textile pay taxes

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Report from our correspondent recently, pay taxes of revenue of place of province of 2007 year Henan 100 strong list give pay taxes of tax of 500 strong, states furnace, subsidiary of the administer below company of group of chemical fibber of egret of new rural area is new Inc. of countryside chemical fibber the pay taxes amount with 329.9 million yuan, become Henan to save the pay taxes champion of spin industry. 2007, inc. of chemical fibber of new rural area overcomes in short supply of main raw material and price quickness to rise hard, exit drawback rate reduces the difficulty that waits for a respect, carry out in the round implement scientific progress concept, came true good develop quickly again. Company annual achieves sales revenue 2.63 billion yuan, exit is achieved collect 110 million dollar, implementation profit tax 467 million yuan, each economic norms all achieves the history new tall. 2007, this company ascends again personally " competition ability of industry of Chinese chemical fibber 10 strong " save company of 100 keys industry with Henan, egret card sticks gum in pairs of long, short silk is had the honor to win " product of Chinese famous brand " title.