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A few days ago, two travel buses that carrying 118 employee from Zhejiang Hainingjin always spins limited company to sail with the home piece, head for Fu Yang 2 days to swim, undertake employee extends training activity at the same time.

The company tried to be unique to hold 8 meters of headroom to jump catch rail, blind to build 4 content such as house. In two days, everybody participates in an activity enthusiasticly not only, still foster oneself from inside game correct group consciousness and blend in group mastery of a skill or technique. Sun Jing of workingwoman of a tailor is laughing at company finished product to say " company beautiful cash asks us to travel, not only the group collaboration consciousness that enhanced authority, and the potential that allowed us to find ego to develop. " this is a case that the company makes efficient group with managing innovation in recent years.

Join the staff of this second activity, was last year the star that is judged to be company first-class staff, 5S and the stuff that have above of two years of length of service. They use serious, responsible job attitude, with " overtake than learning " pioneering spirit, for the company in respective post many 500 employee established model. In incentive and advanced employee while, gold always pays attention to enterprise interior management and promotion with the company, the company throws many yuan 60 technically to strengthen the management of personnel of tall to the company middle-level and the skill of executive force to groom, current, already 32 person-time go to advisory company of Shanghai some management to accept study, groom, this action is known as a company " Huang Bu is mothball the cadre trains battalion " . Through grooming, the company opens platform of contact of job of the QQ on the net, make company administrator is communicated daily successful, everybody works serious, note result of severely punish thing, achieve each company job and goal smoothly. In the meantime, each branch administrator executed day labourer to make a result report watch system, define in the watch the sectional work content, problem that anticipates target and practical effect and presence, be clear at a glance, increased staff of company departmental door handle affairs efficiency, formed the working program PDCA with a kind of efficient science of company, plan namely -- , the action -- , examination -- , act again, facilitating company staff is the largest change favourable geographical position to use resource, serve for business client.

Had good system, have a good industry leading group even. Jin Yonghe company is familial control a company, but in the cadre team of the company, foreigner has been held 70% , the company arrives on deputy always, leave the crucial post of workshop team and group, the company adopts competitive mount guard to make, 50 undergraduates of company invite applications for a job, some already was on company core to manage a layer. The development act of these innovation, let gold always obtain rapid development in recent years with the company, the enterprise realizes sale production value 3 years to exceed 100 million yuan continuously, achieved sales revenue this year in March many yuan 1000.
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