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Shao Yang spins machine blueness to be versed in Hu Huaisheng is elected as coun

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Recently, zhengzhou spins machinery of in relief spin of machine share Shao finite liability company is round appoint receive an announcement, hu Huaisheng of worker of youth of class of benchwork of factory of company tool cent is elected gloriously for the Youth League congress of the 16th whole nation is represented.

Hu Huaisheng regards benchwork post as an everyday employee, in the cautious and conscientious on working station, immerse oneself in hardworking. He studies a technique assiduously, the young 2007 worker worker that holds in group company had the honor to win benchwork to compare connecting with the boxing skill in contest of technical comparing fierce the 5th, annual finishs man-hour 9976 hours, work overtime many hours 800, quality percent of pass is achieved 100% , become outstanding young technology key member.