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Jiangsu force peaceful knits dimension to invest 68 million yuan to build polyes

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2008, be in harmony is met on the west delegacy of black prosperous unifinication signs project of economic technology collaboration in all 51, the autograph restricts amount 5.005 billion yuan. Among them, urumqi city is signed in all arrange a project 21, contract volume 2.217 billion yuan, on place autograph 100 million yuan (contain 100 million yuan) project 7, invest 1.61 billion yuan. Industrial project 11, invest 887 million yuan, 40.01% what hold total investment. Industrial project basically has: Peaceful of force of hill of Jiangsu elder brother knits dimension limited company produces per year product of series of monofilament of polyester of 4000 tons of PET and retype of 3000 tons of PET in investment of economic developing zone the bag heads a project, always invest 68 million yuan to wait.