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Always grand spin carries originality of hand France vogue to design

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Before before long, xie Yushao of the base of a fruit of Yi article Yi promotes the French stylist of eye of fair green jade always Wu Yaqin of manager of limited company of grand spin dress, be in jointly " carry on promotes · Paris memorandum of collaboration of two ground stylist " on sign, those who pull open carry on to promote good faith of native land stylist and foreign stylist to cooperate is wonderful one act. Yiwenyidixie introduced 2009 international of trend of popularity of autumn winter fabrics after forecasting, delegate of enterprise attending the meeting states gains is very big generally. Zhejiang another name for Guangdong Province China the design personnel Huang Qian of spin limited company is had together the unique design place of fabrics of rayon of double color of surface of positive and negative is attracted, this one new fund fabrics is in link of design, weaving, printing and dyeing is shirt-sleeve a variety of craft, he feels current the necessity that the enterprise strengthens technical investment and research and development. The Mao Bo that comes from limited company of textile of Chun Xiaqiu winter expresses, oneself do the business of middle east market before, want to develop Euramerican market now, the hope can know characteristics of more Euramerican market demand and product style. Wu Yaqin of manager of limited company of dress of spin of carry on Xing Yonglong has experience of old market products plan, should go to Paris every year to know news for many times and buy work of a few designs. With French stylist this " collide " communication, let her generate stronger interest to products plan, instantly puts forward to Yiwenyidixie, hope each other establish long-term cooperation relationship. "I am very interested in Chinese market, be willing to promote an enterprise to begin collaboration with carry on very much, I believe here can become the forward position that international textile designs very quickly, my general establishs atelier here. " Yiwenyidixie replies seriously. Below the testimony of numerous stylist, two people signed long-term cooperation memorandum happily. The travel that Yiwenyidixie's carry on allows, promoted spin originality market to bring to carry on not only new message of one season vogue, also make she experiences the boundless glamour that spins city originality property gently to China.