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The day spins investment brand collective to appear on 2008intertextile

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"3 change " strategic protruding shows Tianjin advantage of core of garden of new and high textile industry

Through effort of 4 years, garden of new and high textile industry builds Tianjin already basically at present. The fabrics of China International spin that held a few days ago and complementary makings exposition (on 2008intertextile) , the day spins investment firm to run principal part as garden area, carry the place below the banner to belong to cotton spin, printing and dyeing, color is knitted and ginseng of wool spinning cartel is exhibited, join exhibiting a product is the day spins investment firm to have a product oneself entirely, body reveals the advantage that catenary of company supply and demand, product catenary, market catenary, technology catenary joins cheek by jowl. Exhibit during the meeting, the day is spun exhibit an area to recieve domestic and international client in all 488, the client close a hunderd schools that includes the country such as the United States, England, Russia, Korea, Japan among them, a lot of clients and day cast a company to build long-term cooperation to concern. Concerned personage expresses, the day casts a brand to obtain such effect, intensive of profit from industry is changed, product brand is changed, management difference changes this 3 old strategies carry out.

Industrial intensive is changed. The day spins investment firm to be purchased from raw material, hind of spinning weaving, printing and dyeing is whole, to dress treatment, content shedding deserves to send wait for each link to execute unified managing, shortened greatly the product produces time, realized the market to react the fastest, product gets used to speed function of the strongest, service becomes ability more perfectly, integratedly the target of this lowest, body reveals industrial intensive effect, make product resource, technology natural resources, market resource gets effective configuration,

Product brand is changed. Enter Tianjin after garden of new and high textile industry, face intense market competition, the day casts a company to be dominant direction in order to increase product quality value and notional value, increase the strength that the brand manages, have subordinate company place a certain number of domestic and international well-known trademark undertakes actorring or actress choosing, affirmatory exert oneself is done strong " touch a sheep " yarn brand, " day one " fabrics brand, with nowadays great power does well design of brand plan, brand and brand are managed, utmost ground satisfies an user to be opposite the demand of product quality, class, the market credit that improves brand product ceaselessly is spent. On fabrics of current international spin and complementary makings exposition, the company is rolled out centrally " touch a sheep " yarn brand and " day one " fabrics brand, what raised a brand greatly is famous degree.

Manage poor dissimilation. The day spins investment firm to develop garden division business to use home entirely the advantage of banner, world's top-ranking equipment and advanced engineering technology, development has the characteristic product of competitive advantage, high end product, executive difference changes management strategy. Exhibit in current fabrics on, day product of one brand fabrics installs fabrics, brand clothing fabrics to be dominant with high-grade sportswear, advocate push raise the breed such as high density, hard twist, blending high, and flashy series breed. Product of the brand that touch a sheep includes knitting wool unlined upper garment to spin fabrics to use round machine of gauze, knitting to use gauze, dress to wait with gauze with gauze, carpet with fabrics of slub of gauze, tatting with essence of gauze, tatting. These brand products reflected the technical characteristic of the enterprise, product characteristic, service distinguishing feature adequately, get travelling merchant reputably.
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