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Ai Lai spins whole nation of 2008 first phase to guide according to the home buy

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On April 14 morning 9 when, ai Lai spins whole nation of 8 years of first phase to guide according to Home • buy assemble for training to be in Shanghai company punctual begin school. The part that comes from the whole nation to join in inn reachs straight battalion store guides buy a delegate to assemble in, guide those who have by a definite date 3 days buy intellectual study, will end at 16 days.

This assemble for training is guided by superintend and director the ministry is initiated, it is first phase of 8 years, course of assemble for training includes product knowledge, sale skill, display a few respects such as appearance of skill, appearance, aim to promote what Ai Lai spins according to Home • to guide buy ability and integrated quality, make the terminal that suits consumer demand more, guide in promotion on the integrated ability foundation that buys terminal, bring better service experience for consumer.

The home spins a company the meaning that general manager affirmed assemble for training adequately in the speech before assemble for training begins formally. He says, terminal is a platform, sell a product not only, it is a kind of a kind of a kind of strategy, culture, view more. The atmosphere that pays attention to terminal is built, become move the affection condition of consumer, stress the character of the product, besides integral atmosphere, service and environment are very important, terminal wants to be strengthened all the more in this respect, accomplish as synchronous as company development promotion. He is right attend assemble for training guide bought a delegate to put forward to hope, the hope guides buy real knowledge can be acquired in this assemble for training, can be in henceforth guide the study sth in order to apply it in buying the work, the terminal that spins Ai Lai according to Home • promotes a brand-new administrative levels, show the company image that Ai Lai spins according to Home • better.