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Tall green spin drifting the cloud catchs Zi rich industry name of 100 strong co

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Achieved sales revenue last year 305 million yuan

Recently, from Shandong conference of industry of city of the rich that save Zi uploads come good news, limited company of tall green spin drifting the cloud again flourish enters industry of Zi rich city 100 strong a list of names posted up, in this city the 77th is ranked in 100 strong companies, this is this company has the honor to win industry of Zi rich city the 5th year continuously name of 100 strong companies.

Spin garment industry is industry of pillar of economy of tall green county, limited company of spin drifting the cloud is one of businesses of this county mainstay. This company has spindle 130 thousand ingot, wire bar 30 thousand ingot, company total assets 460 million yuan. Last year, face grim market situation, the company adjusts product structure actively, strengthen technical innovation, development production raises combing yarn product high to put in the market. Average number achieved spinning last year 60, highest number achieves 120. The company holds to science and technology to promote look forward to, devoted last year ability changes capital 8 million yuan, introduce the advanced Japanese village cropland on international automatic winding machine 7, carry out greater skill to revise a project 10, effectively enhanced the core competition ability of the enterprise. In addition, company drifting the cloud still is begun complete member quality tackles key problem activity, cultivate a brand with quality hard, product quality gets rising significantly, still obtained a country to avoid check product name. Last year, company production raises combing yarn high many tons 12500, achieve sales revenue 305 million yuan, grow 6% compared to the same period, home market portion grows 10% compared to the same period, the duty that achieve profit 20.53 million yuan.