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Flying salangane, Shi He child salangane spin limited company reforms on-the-spo

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On April 10, walk into Xinjiang production to build corps farming when us river of 8 division stone child when salangane spin limited company produces a workshop, of greet is the high speed movement with lively loom of a stage, spinners change gauze connect adroitly, show the vigor of the company adequately. Company president Wen Shenghai tells us, salangane company scale of production by at the outset 1, 20 thousand ingot enlarged current 50 thousand ingot, bombazine year productivity achieved 9000 tons, the bombazine that the company produces every year sells past Guangdong, Sichuan, Fujian and Zhejiang and other places entirely. Shi He child salangane spin limited company is located in Shi He child with on the west the Dongye of posse of just a little of 75 kilometers is pressed down, company predecessor is Shi He child Dong Yemian spins a factory. The Dong Yemian that built a plant 1987 spins a factory, initial stage basically produces 21 low raise gauze, 1996 used are the most prosperous industry business in the group. After 1999, suffer the effect of depression of cotton spinning market and trigonometry debt, ministry management is bad inside together with, factory of wild cotton spinning begins coast east, step forward dimension difficult. For bring back to life this old company, round field decides to undertake changing making to cotton spinning factory, attract foreign capital to make the company can return lease of life. 2002, shi He child after Wen Shenghai of civilian battalion entrepreneur is informed a message, lease factory of Dongye cotton spinning come down. Just began to change when making, round field makes a worker own choose is to answer the arrangement in the group to work to still stay in the company, most worker stayed. Of the accredit of workers and round field support energetically, more sturdy the determination that Wen Shenghai has done the business. The company changes after making, salangane company left to manage mode originally thoroughly, formulate the working order with one rigorous, firm a complete set of and assessment method. In those days, the company cuts down redundant personnel, administrator is executed hire mount guard unexpectedly; All worker undertook identity displacement, build new labor concern with new company; Execute allocate reform, worker income produces post to tilt to technical post and dirty, suffering, tired a gleam of, broke thoroughly " had worked to do a kind bad, work more little an appearance, dry with do not do a kind " allocate mode, aroused the enthusiasm of workers greatly. In 3 years when rent, salangane company early or late infuse many yuan 2000, use at updating equipment and plant area construction, make business productivity and manufacturing environment had marked change. Company output rises substantially, product quality is climbed successively litre, the worker is average wages also increases 11400 yuan by 5000 yuan of 2002. August 2005, salangane spin limited company is contributive one-time Dongye cotton spinning factory is bought outright, the enterprise became him, wen Shenghai's drive is bigger, his substance oneself from Shi He child city moved Dong Yezhen of posse of just a little, invest again purchased spin new facility, maintained factory building. Make the enterprise begins to be able to produce 32, 40 general comb gauze, changed thereby can produce 21 only before low the backward situation that raises gauze, the industry appears a produce and sale the satisfactory picture of two flourishing. 2006, salangane company by Shi He child consumer society grants sincere letter unit honorary title. While the enterprise obtains favorable beneficial result, salangane company pays attention to company culture construction more, whenever new year's day, Spring Festival, 51 wait for a festival, the company wants an organization to begin various culture recreational activities, condense popular feeling, the spare culture of rich workers lives. It is those who solve the worker outside plant area to commute problem, the company invested 110 thousand yuan technically still to buy regular bus, receive freely send a worker to commute, company humanitarian consideration and human nature changed management to move employee greatly people enthusiasm. If say at the outset cotton spinning factory changes when making, the Li Shumei that having nearly 10 years of factory age is holding the manner that have a try in the arms to stay, and she already developed what her future destiny is the same as a company to contact cheek by jowl nowadays. "The factory allows my a surname, the factory declines my shame " " beg with quality live, seek progress with credit " became 300 employee of company people consensus. When speaking of company future developing a future, shi He child Wen Shenghai of president of salangane spin limited company has feeling ground greatly to say: Pass truck of these a few years, I had very deep feeling to posse of just a little, here investment climate is good, person guileless is genuine, round field is big to strength of support of civilian battalion business, I plan to use 2, 3 years of time, enlarge salangane company scale of production to 100 thousand ingot.

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