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Self-supporting exit of company of printing and dyeing of red green blue spin am

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Self-supporting 2007 exit obtains the limited company of printing and dyeing of red green blue spin that is located in carry on to promote seaside industrial district 60.74 million dollar, grow 107% compared to the same period, in the be among the best of candidates in entire county enterprise. This year first quarter, this company is sold toward enlighten do obeisance to product order to amount to 3 million meters, add other order form, exit gives birth to industrial Wu to already was discharged to May.

The product such as cotton print of the copy real silk of limited company of printing and dyeing of spin of Zhejiang Gong Lula, manual countryside has permeability good, hang down feeling the characteristic with good, strong plasticity, the product of 95% above exports abroad. Face a RMB to appreciate, exit drawback is adjusted, a series of adverse elements such as trade barrier, this company at an early date takes logical step, go up in finance affairs and bank (agreement) the kind that takes exchange rate lock to decide and L/C impawn loan shift to an earlier date means of settlement of exchange, risk of avoid exchange rate. According to company finance affairs department manager Wu Laixiang introduces, such every 1 million dollar can avoid exchange rate loss 90 thousand yuan of RMBs.

Produce cost to decrease, this company uses assessment of raw material cost, adopted remnant oar to answer with, in water is answered with, add up to sleave machine, trash to answer with wait for measure, mo Linxiang of manager of manufacturing technology department tells the author, last year a year, strengthen an in-house managing that save cost for the enterprise 3 million yuan.

Taste additional cost to raise high yield, this company invited foreign technology personnel nearly 20, the world advanced technique such as the design of the draw draft of the government that used Japan, India, Korea, investment ten million yuan, added grace the equipment such as machine, obtained apparent effect. Introduce according to Huang Xinming of director of this firm office, the Arabia black product of company research and development not only the additional cost of the product increased 3 times above, and the product still demands exceeds supply, this product took middle east market the market share of 80% .