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Spin of Shandong flying peaceful establishs new mechanism of invite applications

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By Feburary, the peak of sea of average employee king of company of spin of Shandong flying peaceful, dynasty shows, princely state takes a post post of end length of round of monitor, labour, make the staff of low level management that classics general manager makes public invite applications for a job and arises.

"Just be to lift only, lift virtuous avoid ripe " it is concept of flying peaceful company's new choose and employ persons, broke through previously " acquaintance is made " malpractice. The company still executes dynamic type to manage to administrator, in rotation grows to have competitive mount guard 3 every years with labour end length, every government post appears vacant, uniform fulfil public invite applications for a job. Applicant should undertake making a speech, answer the question of official of be in charge of an examination, poll by committee of be in charge of an examination next, notch highest person be elected. Of this system carry out the development space that provided an equality for every employee, match in order to realize hillock of company first-rate person.