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Spin of be an official holds the name to taste fabrics newly to order goods meet

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Report from our correspondent recently, suitable view of market of big in Guangzhou fabrics assembles group of industry of spin of renown be an official exhibited a center to hold taste fabrics newly to order goods meeting. It is reported, every months of metropolis rolls out group of industry of spin of renown be an official taste complementary makings newly to order goods regularly meeting, with period serve spin market with popular trend.

Group of industry of spin of renown be an official has several kinds of new-style sides complementary material product, have dress, side at the same time the professional book such as complementary makings, business management is close 10 thousand, this includes the manuscript of famous dress stylist among them. Divide this beyond, textile of renown be an official detects the one large window that the center also is a group of be an official. Additional, the renown fill an office that the group sets international trade service center offers imports and exports to seek advice from a service for business of dress, fabrics, have foreign trade representative of 18 years, advisory experience, with pervade fabrics business of the whole world, dress business established relationship of business affairs collaboration, have rich resource, coordinate appreciation service, include a network service, fixed reveal library of information of meeting, books to wait, your client obtains information of newest fashionable dress fabrics in time, satisfy different requirement.

It is reported, spin of renown be an official is in Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing every months to wait large and medium-sized the city runs new-style side complementary makings is revealed meeting, the center is revealed every year to hold much field Europe, Korea, Japan to wait for entrance fabrics special performance to order goods in Guangzhou meeting, timely will come from domestic and international the most popular in high-grade fabrics provides dress business.