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Duolisiji is round make Chinese dry goods the first brand

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Zhejiang Duolisiji is round president Li Mokui

The city is spun gently in China, duolisi (Dolis) is by the recognition inside course of study high-grade complete cotton is recreational the one side banner of fabrics, "Raise high, high density, high-grade " , " recreational fabrics expert " the pronoun that waits to had become Duolisi, however, what this one major pursues textile production and sale is large of group of civilian battalion industry get military thing -- Li Mokui president, this year just only 33 years old. And, this market wisdom and courage and insight the young entrepreneur at a suit, leading his group, the China that gathers in 10 thousand business spins a city gently, noise of beat a drum attributes the date tone of overmatch, and the boldness of vision with extensive great, march toward " make Chinese dry goods the first brand " journey.

Each successful company is condensing the wisdom of the person that do poineering work and hardships, the back of each man of the time under cover a few little-known labyrinthian with legend.

Speak of growing course, the Li Mokui that high school graduated 1992, forgoed the opportunity that can attend a college, leave Sichuan to head for Guangzhou Xi Qiao, make " cloth " the business. Just entered, li Mokui was shown be in business preterhumanly wisdom. 1994, after speaking as the make one's rounds austral Deng Xiaoping, the civilian battalion enterprise of Zhejiang and professional market build like a raging fire, technology of product of home market chemical fibber and quality rise ceaselessly, had been caught up with and import a product more than, entrance product profit is increasingly thin. Li Mokui resolutely decision strategy is transferred greatly. Was certain China spins a city gently to be in market position of home, li Mokui will to carry on promote Ke Qiao, founded carry on to start line of business of Sichuan abundant cloth limited company. Through old commerce career, make Li Mokui accumulated rich market experience, laid good market foundation, have passionate industrialist as, this youth that comes from Sichuan Lu city made great decision-making, promote in carry on establish a hypostatic enterprise that belongs to oneself. In May 2002, found Zhejiang Duolisi digital spin limited company, when. Founded carry on to promote fast eaves to acquire entire limited company in June 2004, complete spin industry catenary, established Zhejiang on September 1, 2005 much beautiful this group. Current, group business involves spin, printing and dyeing, commerce 3 big fields, "Division, labour, trade " of unifinication " 3 drive carriage " management pattern is formed, set sale branch in and other places of lion of Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, stone.

In old poineering course, li Mokui president takes company culture seriously to build very, put forward to build Duolisi " a big family " , " a school " , ultimate goal. Make clear at the same time " talent project " develop the strategy for a long time for the company " a project " , come a few years, duolisi with distinctive " domestic culture " education went large quantities of one industry elite. The company is pursued " rigorous, be realistic, sincere letter, innovation " thought concept, have team of oneself research and development, everything is with client demand oriented. The company takes brand construction seriously, pay attention to quality management, aggrandizement talent team is built, make the Duolisi that conforms with the world with all one's strength company culture.
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